Will Hardison: February 2022 Wild Thing Award Winner

Will Hardison: February 2022 Wild Thing Award Winner

A “Will to win” means being a self-starter with unwavering drive who competes to achieve success.

In 2022 Will was WILD for this Win! His hard work helped develop relationships with employees while gaining valuable knowledge for various processes. He truly is a jack of all trades for the RiverWild family of brands. 

He embraces his flexible role and pushes our sales and marketing efforts forward. He even launched his own podcast, The WILD Life, which has been well-received by our team. 

Congratulations, Will Hardison!

Kurt Cusac: January 2022 Wild Factor Award Winner

Kurt Cusac: January 2022 Wild Factor Award Winner

Kurt has held a multitude of positions since he began his career with Providence Construction. Everyday he embraces change in the workplace and uses it to his advantage. 

His unwavering drive never fails even when he doesn’t succeed the first time. New opportunities came to the table when he passed his CDL test in January. Since then, he has been a crucial member of the fleet team.

Congratulations, Kurt Cusac on your WILD win!  

Lindsey Goodson: January 2022 Wild Thing Award Winner

Lindsey Goodson: January 2022 Wild Thing Award Winner

Being intentionally adaptable means “consciously embracing change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility, to advance our people, products and services.

Lindsey Goodson has tackled a lot of responsibilities from her 2021 summer internship position to full-time employee. With grit and determination, Lindsey completes multiple projects that aren’t in her job description. 

When one of her team members were out on leave, she stepped in to fill the gap and help our company recruit new hires. To do so, her outstanding organizational and communication skills were put into use. 

Lindsey has grown so much over the past year and we are so appreciative of her hard work! Congratulations, Lindsey Goodson! 

5 Reasons You Should Intern at RiverWild

5 Reasons You Should Intern at RiverWild

By Michelle Lantz, 2021 Intern

Are you looking for a WILD internship this summer? Look no further than the heart of Clayton, NC. Here at RiverWild, we have so much to offer. Expand your horizons, compassion, and will to win with us! Here are 5 reasons from a previous intern on why you should apply! 

1. Real World Experience

Break out of your comfort zone and experience the real world! RiverWild and its motivated group of employees are there to guide you. Whether you have a lot or no experience, you are treated equally. With an inclusive culture, everyone works together as a team to accomplish set goals. It is a glimpse into the “real world.” In the end, you may picture yourself completing a job you never thought you imagined. 

2. A Place to Call Home 

Whether you are walking through RiverWild’s office doors or stepping out onto the field, know you have people to call home. This work family is so inviting as they strive for success. As an intern, you will have a community of people who have your back in and out of work hours. 

3. Networking Opportunities

Throughout your time at RiverWild, people are here to help you network. Share this amazing opportunity with friends, family, and your LinkedIn fans! You never know what other glorious job offerings may come your way! 

4. Great Lunches

After working hard, lunch is a must! Walking downtown for a bite to eat with your co-workers or grubbing on a catered lunch are memories to make! 

5. Social Events 

Learning beyond your internship title, you get insight on RiverWild’s core values and passion behind the company. Attend lunch and learns and monthly group meetings to expand your knowledge! Not only are you connecting with your fellow interns but improving your critical thinking.  

Are you ready to apply? Click here to view open positions! Our team is excited to meet you. For more information view our website.

July Anniversaries

July Anniversaries

Here at RiverWild we love to celebrate employee anniversaries. Each one of these individuals contributes an immense amount of drive, knowledge, and innovation everyday. We are beyond grateful to have these hard-working people in our work family! Congratulations to the following employees that have been with the RiverWild team and family of brands for one year or more:

Robert Held

Providence Construction, 1 year

Rebecca Mountz

Hearth Pointe, 1 year

Anthony Maxwell

Providence Construction, 3 years

Tia Wallace

One27Design, 1 year

Alyson Burr

RiverWild, 1 year

Paul Smart

Providence Construction, 1 year

William Hardison

RiverWild, 1 year

Michael Rouse

Providence Construction, 3 years

Victor Ventura

Providence Construction, 2 years

Jessica Lloyd

RiverWild, 3 years

Rachel Ventura

Jaclyn Smith Properties, 2 years