Intentional Adaptability: consciously embrace change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility to advance our people, products, and services. 

Robert “Butch” Brownfield won our October 2020 Wild Factor Award for having Intentional Adaptability. He excels at being flexible and going with the flow to help our team continue driving forward despite whatever curve balls may come our way.

Every one of us does things that are not part of the job description. To be flexible is to have a mentality of availability, which Robert has gone above and beyond in. He drives our Flatbed Dump truck which can be one of the most demanding trucks in our fleet. Delivery erosion supplies to pipe materials. Everyone wants this “MVP”, all the time. He handles this with a great attitude and embraces the challenge of his hectic dispatch. 

Robert doesn’t shy away from getting out of his truck to work or help secure his load and always wants to lend a hand to whoever needs it. He is team player to the core and we love having him on our team. 

Well done, Robert!