To have a Will to Win is to be a self starter with unwavering drive who competes to achieve success. It’s about that “it” factor; it’s being self motivated in a way that pushes your whole team to achieve success.

Paul Smart won our March 2021 Wild Thing award for having a Will to Win. He is a self-starter, always finding the next thing to do without being told. This drive and dedication is brought to the table every day.  

Paul adapted quickly to his new role as he continues to learn new skills. Patience while teaching new hires comes easy to Paul as he is a hard-working teammate. He executes each task efficiently and is not afraid to jump in and help out his teammates when needed. 

This excellent communicator accomplished many estimates with very few mistakes. He strives to be the best at his job and as a team player. 

He is an essential member to the Providence Construction team. Congratulations to Paul Smart, our March Wild Thing award winner! 

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