We exist to


We exist to


Our journey of launching companies and brands has been a WILD one rooted in love for the people of our community and relentless in our pursuit of having an impact. 

Our Founders

Reid and Jaclyn Smith started their journey as founders in October 2014. With a heart for the community and a mind for real estate, construction, and development, they responded to a calling to create lasting impact on the Johnston County community. Since then, Reid and Jaclyn have founded additional companies and continue to grow.

Reid and Jaclyn live in Clayton with their three children, Reiddy, Annabelle, and Josie Leigh, along with their three dogs, River, Maggie and Bella, and a farm full of well-loved chickens, pigs, and cows.

Clearly the population has changed, but the culture, the values, and the people of Johnston County are still the same – and we fight hard to keep that culture alive and that small-town feel. The best thing Johnston County has going for it are its people – just good, kind-hearted, down-to-earth people.

Reid Smith

One27 Homes Founded

One27 homes was founded to construct quality-built homes where lasting memories are made.


Jaclyn Smith Properties Founded

Jaclyn Smith Properties was founded to help clients reach their real estate goals.


RiverWild Founded

The concept of the RiverWild family of companies was born.


OneCompassion Founded

OneCompassion was founded to glorify God by impacting and developing people to build up our local community.


Moved Into the Paper Company

Established our headquarters in the Paper Company building on Main Street in Downtown Clayton, NC.


Providence Construction Founded

Providence Construction enters the scene, offering in-house and third-party turnkey site development.


One27 Design Launched

One27 homes launched our design build division, offering clients solutions for customizing the home of their dreams.


Hearth Pointe Development Founded

Hearth Pointe Development joins the RiverWild family of brands to offer efficient and expedited development process services.

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