To have a Will to Win means to be a self-starter with an unwavering drive to compete and achieve success.

Kenneth Phillips won our September 2020 Wild Factor Award for having a Will to Win. He leads the way in achieving success and has moved us forward with his work ethic.

Kenneth came to us brand new to the construction industry starting on the roller. He quickly moved up to the 30 ton Articulated Off Road Dump Truck. He has shown great improvement in his position, always wanting to better tomorrow than his load counts today. 

In September he set a new PC record by getting 145 loads in one day on our Tractor Supply job site. That computes to moving over 4,350 cubic yards in a single day! 

Kenneth has helped train our new guys, always wanting to pass on his knowledge to the next man up. He is a great ambassador for our company and a consistent force on our grading crews. Congratulations on an award well-deserved, Kenneth!