To have Disciplined Execution means achieving operational excellence through safety, accountability, and an efficient, fast-paced environment. To live compassionately means having a humble and responsible approach to how we serve each other and our community. 

Jessica Lloyd won our February 2021 Wild Thing nomination for having Disciplined Execution and Living Compassionately. She has gone above and beyond in various ways for getting the job done in a fast paced and efficient manner. With a giving heart, Jessica is always serving needs in our community and assisting her fellow co-workers. 

Jessica is always tackling new projects with a will to win mindset. Full of knowledge outside of her role, she is very versatile and proactive, benefiting multiple brands. 

This hard working mom of three makes time to excel in her role while being a great friend and co-worker. Jessica’s open heart and hard work ethic is greatly appreciated by others and the community. 

She truly is a humble and kind person willing to connect and serve others. Congratulations to Jessica Lloyd, our Wild Thing award winner! 

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