RiverWild’s internship program is made up of passionate, motivated, and driven individuals. This immersive, paid summer program offers multiple opportunities for personal development and hands-on experience. Interns receive coaching each day to ensure success while working on various projects, critical thinking, and team building.



Paid Internship

Gaining valuable work experience while getting paid is a win! It can help pay your college tuition and other expenses!


Inclusive Culture

Together as a team, we encourage an inclusive culture to ensure different perspectives while working. Everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions are respectfully heard, bonding as a family. 



Have the opportunity to grow as the brightest minds guide and lead you all summer long. Get the best insight on how to approach challenges and everyday work activities.



Projects here can be big and small. To overcome some challenges, we encourage our employees to be open and flexible while still growing their skillset. 


Hands On Experience

Get a great hands-on experience daily whether you are in the office or out in the field. Enhance your learning by a multi-sensory environment.


Team Lunches

Everyone in the office, including interns, are provided lunch throughout the week. Eating lunch together as a company and using local caterers help bring the community together.


Social Events

Attend team lunches while learning about our family of brands. Other social events will help you get to know your team members better outside of the office. 


Free Coffee

Get a FREE drink everyday at the local coffee shop next door!

“Doing work on job sites and learning what’s going on out in the field throughout the process of completing projects is valuable knowledge to gain as someone with an interest in a future with managing future construction projects.”

Tyler Mason

Civil Sitework, Providence Construction

“RiverWild’s core values apply to all aspects of life, and I have seen opportunities for improvement in my home life and relationships. Disciplined Execution is a core value that I have been focusing out outside of work recently; making sure I do what I say I will do on time and to the best of my ability is critical in my home life and relationships with family and friends.”

Kody Cyr

Residential Construction Intern, One27 Homes

“My favorite part about the work environment here at RiverWild is the family feel. I know that if I needed help from anyone here, then they would do their best to help me!”
Lindsey Goodson

People Division Intern, RiverWild

Interested in interning with RiverWild? Find all of our current internships here.

To apply for any open internships, email your resume to jobs@theriverwildteam.com.
In your cover letter, please describe to us why you feel that you are a perfect applicant for this role. Let us know why you want to intern at RiverWild.


What's the Internship Process?

Apply: Mid November through mid March. Pick which internship aligns with your field of study and submit your application.

Interview: January through March, interviews are set up on a rolling basis.

You’re In: RiverWild summer internships have two mid-month start dates, one in May and the other in June. The internships will last Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. for 10 to 12 weeks.

I've applied. How will I get updates?

Once you apply, we will provide regular status updates to all applicants on a rolling basis. However, we receive hundreds of applicants annually, so we appreciate your patience. At the close of our recruitment season (end of the spring semester), we’ll give you a final status update.

I've been offered an interview. What happens next?

Congrats! We’re excited to meet with you. During the selection and interview process, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the team you may work on.

Can I apply for more than one internship?

Based on your prior experiences and interests, your resume will be shared with hiring managers across RiverWild. This will then determine who you interview with during the selection process. You can apply multiple times, but that does not increase your chances for an interview.

Are internships available only during the summer?

Yes, right now our internship program is only being offered during the summer. 

What is the dress code?

We have a casual workplace environment which allows for informal clothing choices. Please wear attractive and appropriate clothing for your internship position. Pajamas and clothes that are revealing (i.e. halter tops, bikini straps, short-shorts) will not be appropriate or accepted.

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