To have a Will to Win means to be a self-starter with an unwavering drive to compete and achieve success.

Courtney Ellis won our October 2020 Wild Thing nomination for having a Will to Win. She has excelled this year in having an unwavering drive in ways that have moved us forward as a company through some challenging seasons.

Courtney has consistently shown that she can deliver quality, timely work product. She handles multiple priorities and has an immense knowledge of how our real estate businesses operate. She is efficient and fast-paced and has adapted to changes with relative ease. She has improved on her communication and certainly takes responsibility for her work. 

In a year where COVID turned both our work and home environments upside down, Courtney seemed to thrive. She exhibited an extraordinary level of unwavering drive as she not only dealt with changes to her children’s school schedules but also to our work schedule. 

Congratulations, Courtney Ellis on winning the October Wild Thing Award! Phenomenal job.