To have a Will to Win is to be a self starter with unwavering drive who competes to achieve success. It’s about that “it” factor; it’s being self motivated in a way that pushes your whole team to achieve success.

Cody Hairr won our March 2021 Wild Factor award for having a Will to Win and unwavering drive. He does not have to be asked twice to start or complete a project and gets the job done well. Without Cody’s drive, our farm operations would lack the success it holds today. 

Cody is a humble team player and never boasts or complains about a task. He is a focused hard worker that strives to accomplish the task at hand. 

A Will to Win is seen when Cody rolls onto a new project, never stopping. A determined mindset drives Cody to get things done efficiently. His hard word never goes unnoticed, achieving so much success in a very short amount of time. With this being said, Cody is the first person to ever be promoted to coordinator in their first 90 days! 

Every accomplishment has helped earn him his stripes literally and figuratively. A huge congratulations to Cody Hairr on winning the March 2021 Wild Factor award and his promotion! 

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