Austen Jones: November 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

To have a Will to Win means to be a self-starter with an unwavering drive who competes to achieve success.

Austen Jones won our 2021 November Wild Factor Award. He is dedicated to his job each day. As a member of the grading crew, he strives to grow. He started at the level of roller operator, off-road truck driver to smaller equipment, operated a rock hammer, is in the process of learning GPS and positioning himself for growth with a knowledge and understanding of large grading projects.

Learning and trying new things show off Austen’s unwavering drive. It is a consistent hustle and motivation in order to better himself and the company. With this drive, he has achieved success through the challenging year of 2021. 

Seen in Austen’s hard work is a hint of intentional adaptability. Not only did Austen embrace change but figured out ways to advance the team and company. His teamwork was outstanding! 

Congratulations to Austen Jones on receiving the 2021 November Wild Factor Award!

Chad Hollifield: October 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

Intentional adaptability means ​​consciously embracing change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility, to advance our people, products, and services. 

Chad Hollifield won our 2021 October Wild Factor award for intentional adaptability. At the beginning of his career here, he worked on the farm. By embracing change, he moved to operate multiple vehicles for the logistics team. 

With evolving roles, Chad is flexible and versatile, helping his teammates along the way. He knows how to advance in certain areas no matter the challenge or title. 

Congratulations to Chad on winning the October Wild Factor award! 

Cody Hairr: March 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

Cody Hairr: March 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

To have a Will to Win is to be a self starter with unwavering drive who competes to achieve success. It’s about that “it” factor; it’s being self motivated in a way that pushes your whole team to achieve success.

Cody Hairr won our March 2021 Wild Factor award for having a Will to Win and unwavering drive. He does not have to be asked twice to start or complete a project and gets the job done well. Without Cody’s drive, our farm operations would lack the success it holds today. 

Cody is a humble team player and never boasts or complains about a task. He is a focused hard worker that strives to accomplish the task at hand. 

A Will to Win is seen when Cody rolls onto a new project, never stopping. A determined mindset drives Cody to get things done efficiently. His hard word never goes unnoticed, achieving so much success in a very short amount of time. With this being said, Cody is the first person to ever be promoted to coordinator in their first 90 days! 

Every accomplishment has helped earn him his stripes literally and figuratively. A huge congratulations to Cody Hairr on winning the March 2021 Wild Factor award and his promotion! 

Adam Sale: January 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

Adam Sale: January 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

To have Intentional Adaptability means consciously embracing change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility to advance our people, products and services.
Adam Sale, One 27 Homes Service Builder, won our January 2021 Wild Factor award for having Intentional Adaptability. He embraces change and flexibility everyday out in the field to help embrace and advance the people and products of the River Wild company. 
Whether it is traveling 2 hours for work or a special project, Adam makes himself available, embracing flexibility in the workplace. Along with being available, he does not hesitate to help others in a moment’s notice.  
He is a wonderful co-worker that is dedicated to his craft. Congratulations to Adam Sale, our January 2021 Wild Factor award recipient! 

Jamal Barbour: 2020 Annual Wild Factor Winner

Jamal Barbour: 2020 Annual Wild Factor Winner

Once per year, we select someone from our Building Team as the annual Wild Factor award winner. This is considered a great honor in our company, as it signifies that the individual has exemplified all of our core values and is considered to be the WILDest of us all.

Congratulations to Jamal Barbour, the 2020 annual Wild Factor award winner! He has shown a Will to Win, Intentional Adaptability, Lives Compassionately, and Disciplined Execution on a high level and is an example of what all of our team members strive for when it comes to performance and values.

Jamal came into PC from a completely different background than what we do on a daily basis. He has transitioned through many different roles as a result of his Will to Win. Each role faced him with new challenges and he embraces each one with a tremendous work ethic, putting in extra time needed to master that moment.Jamal person is especially excellent at flexibility and purpose-driven versatility and it has had such an impact on our larger team. 

Jamal always takes on challenges with a positive attitude and tremendous care for his crew. His ability to be flexible with his scope of work and adapt frequently, is unrivaled. He was thrust into a lead man role when his supervisor left unexpectedly last year and took on the new challenge head on and with a big smile. As he rose to the occasion, Jamal was deservingly promoted to our Coordination Team in 2020, which earned him a stripe on his hard hat.

Known for having the best smile in PC, everyone loves working with Jamal! He helps teach his teammates the same way he was brought up, exemplifying what it looks like to grow as a leader in this company. If we ever need volunteers on Saturdays or a man to give an extra hand, everyone knows they can count on him to come alongside his team and help out.

When it comes to Disciplined Execution, this core value seems to fall the wayside if a person hits the first three core values, but not with Jamal. He dominated the jobs he was asked to do in 2020. Yearning to know his production rates and where his crew needed to be, to be deemed successful on that job. He takes his time gathering the facts and game planing before jumping right in on projects. He owns his mistakes as well, which rarely happen on his jobs. One of the major highlights with him in 2020 was that through all the growth, the promotions, the bigger jobs, and all the hype, he never lost his humility and took pride in the quality of his finished product. 

This WILD one has earned his stripes both literally and figuratively, as evidenced by a promotion last year. Congratulations, Jamal Barbour on being the well-deserved winner of 2020 Wild Factor Annual Award!

Tony Maxwell: December 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Tony Maxwell: December 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Live Compassionately: a humble and responsible approach to how we serve each other and our community. It is both internal and external. It’s how we treat each other, being fair and humble.

Tony Maxwell won our December 2020 Wild Factor Award for Living Compassionately.

He has excelled at serving his teammates with a heart of compassion. How we do what we do – how we treat people while we’re going about our work – is at the core of what makes this company different. 

In construction sometimes the experienced operator or pipe layer can get overlooked. At PC we embrace this veteran and really rely on their knowledge and experience to help train our other teammates. Tony has trained countless other pipe layers and helped tackle one of the toughest water tie’s on our Tractor Supply Site. Working alongside hwy 42, a busy highway, and against a tough terrain. 

Tony has always stepped up to the challenge of mentoring and training new teammates and has helped many of our coordinators get to where they are today. He lives compassionately for his teammates.

We are so grateful to have you on the team, Tony! Congratulations.