Time to Celebrate: 2021 Promotions

Time to Celebrate: 2021 Promotions

Wrapping up 2021, RiverWild would like to thank all of our hard-working employees. We would like to recognize those who have executed many jobs, going above and beyond. 

Promotions are all about earning your stripes, literally and figuratively. When you see someone with those additional stripes on their hard hat, it’s a representation of the responsibility, accountability, and servant-hearted execution they have displayed. Moving from one team to another requires not just hitting these benchmarks, but performing consistently while exemplifying all 16 of our core values.

To provide further encouragement and employee appreciation, the following list includes individuals who received a well-deserved promotion. Congratulations!

Building Team to Coordination Team 

  • Charles Doak
  • Tucker Hobbs
  • Carter Hobbs
  • Charles Humphries
  • Marcos Orozco

Coordination Team to Senior Coordination Team

  • Matt Bunn
  • Nick Kerley
  • Matt Kerley
  • Jonathan Ruffin
  • Jose Perez
  • Susan Bercaw
  • Aly Burr
  • Connor Fagan

Senior Coordination Team to Management Team

  • Megan Tipton
  • Brittany Radziszewski
  • Danielle Lantz
  • Fayre Mason
  • Christine Woodall
  • Ken Price

That’s a Wrap! 2021 Year End Wrap Up

If you were along for the ride you would have known it was a WILD one. As a team, RiverWild faced many challenges that may have seemed to be an inconvenience at the time. This did not stop our hardworking employees from bringing that “W” this year. We embraced the change and adapted with an unwavering drive in order to succeed. Showing up each day with a Will to Win helped us make this one of the Best Places to Work. 

RiverWild CEO and founder Reid Smith and Jaclyn Smith are so proud of each and every one of their WILD employees this year. They appreciate all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year. 

Thank you to everyone who has invested their hard work and time to serve each other and the community. Here’s to 2022! Stay WILD! 

Austin Marsland: Annual 2021 Wild Thing Award Winner

Congratulations to Austin Marsland, the Annual 2021 Wild Thing Award Winner! Throughout the year, Austin has exemplified our WILD core values as a leader. 

Hands down, Austin brought the Will to Win. His high drive and work ethic are endless, pushing him to achieve success. Between his time commitment, energy, and hours, Austin carried out the values of our mission. 

His desire to win is unstoppable. He works tirelessly to push our new home construction efforts forward. He also tackles enormous transactions related to rental portfolios and the farm. 

Connecting with others around the office shows his true compassion for our employees. He also worked hard to bring forward new software to increase operational efficiencies. 

By having an efficient and effective system for the company, he checks things off his to-do list at a fast pace. Something that people may not realize is that Austin completes so many things no one even knows about.

Congratulations to Austin Marsland on his big win! Our company would not be where it is today without him!

RiverWild to Develop Marin Woods Subdivision in Smithfield, NC

RiverWild to Develop Marin Woods Subdivision in Smithfield, NC

CLAYTON, NC (December 16, 2021) RiverWild today announced that they will be developing the
approved Marin Woods subdivision in Smithfield, NC. The 32 Acre walkable community will consist of
49 single family homes and 92 townhomes, as well as a centralized pocket park with a tot lot and nature

Marin Woods will provide a variety of home types for the growing workforce in Smithfield. Construction
is expected to begin late 2022 or early 2023 and will be done in collaboration with Hearth Pointe
Development, Providence Construction, and One27 Homes.

“As Johnston County and the larger Triangle region continues to grow, it’s critical that the workforce is
supported by housing and lifestyle amenities that help them plant roots,” said Reid Smith, Founder and
CEO of RiverWild.

“We are thrilled to be back in the Smithfield community with this project. We enjoyed working with the
Town of Smithfield during our East River development, so when this opportunity presented itself, we
knew we wanted to get involved” said Reid. “Andy Moore and his council are doing a great job creating
opportunities for the community of Smithfield to thrive.”

“Marin Woods subdivision will provide much needed inventory amidst a tight housing market,” said
Jaclyn Smith, Founder of Jaclyn Smith Properties. “Fortune recently reported that we are ranked in the
top 3 real estate markets in the nation. With new growth and expansion announcements every week, it’s
more important than ever that we have space for people to call this community ‘home’.”

RiverWild to Deliver Needed Inventory in Zebulon Area

RiverWild to Deliver Needed Inventory in Zebulon Area

CLAYTON, NC (December 15, 2021) RiverWild today announced that they will be adding new

neighborhoods in the Zebulon and Eastern Wake County area. These neighborhoods include Creech

Landing, Meadow Crest, Riverside 2.0, and Somerset Pond, together totaling 51 lots of new inventory.

Construction is expected to begin mid to late 2022 depending on the neighborhood, and will be done in

collaboration with Hearth Pointe Development, Providence Construction, One27 Homes, and One27


“We are excited to create spaces for people to call home as the need for housing in this market remains

high,” said Reid Smith, Founder and CEO of RiverWild. “Our One27 Design team is especially looking

forward to working with clients in Creech Landing to offer some needed custom home lot inventory in the


Creech Landing comprises of 2, 10-Acre lots that will be built by One27 Design custom homes

Creech Landing Neighborhood

Meadow Crest, located off of Mudham Road North, will include 8 lots all over 40,000 SF. One of the lots

will also retain a large pond.

Meadow Crest Community

Riverside 2.0 will consist of 9 lots. This neighborhood will be added onto the existing Riverside

community, bringing the subdivision up to a total of 99 lots.

Somerset Pond will add 32 lots off of Mudham Road South, preserving a pond and other natural features.

“We’re finding that more families are looking for large lots with lots of space to spread out, and these

neighborhoods deliver on that,” said Jaclyn Smith, Founder of Jaclyn Smith Properties. “As Eastern Wake

county continues to grow and expand, neighborhoods like these are crucial for the workforce to have a

place they love coming home to.”

Tucker Hobbs: 2021 Annual Wild Factor Award Winner

Congratulations to Tucker Hobbs on winning the 2021 Annual Wild Factor Award! 

Tucker Hobbs is an excellent example of what it means to be WILD. Now with a navy hard hat, his teammates can look up to Tucker, his leadership, and his knowledge on ways to apply our core values every day.

Two summers ago, Tucker was only an intern. Developing a will to win, he worked alongside Nick Kerley. He has grown tremendously at what he does helping him earn a promotion to the coordination level. Each day his grit, determination, and mission to impact and develop people shine through his work. 

Bringing that W to work allowed Tucker to be impacted and developed by others with more experience and is willing to be taught. He even turned down an opportunity to go on the project coordination team to gain field experience and grow his career in the field. 

Being intentionally adaptable can also be seen in Tucker. From different crews, job sites, and roles, his flexibility allowed for greater success. With each project, Tucker embraces change and holds himself accountable. 

Working alongside his teammates, Tucker lives compassionately. You can see how much he cares about our people and company. 

His disciplined execution stands out as he embraces a safety mindset. He tries each day to be efficient, especially with our fast-paced culture. 

Providence is so grateful for all that Tucker has done for the company. From intern to full time he brought that W while being impacted and developed. 

Congratulations to Tucker Hobbs on a job well done!