Marcos Orozco: December 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

Congratulations to Marcos Orozco for winning our 2021 December Wild Factor Award!

Marcos has brought an infectious attitude since day one. He came to providence 2 ½ years ago willing to learn and grow in the field. 

His enthusiasm for excellence as an operator shows through his hard work and dedication to his job. Working on the clearing crew, he faced many challenges but overcame them with strength and smiles. 

His hard work paid off as he is now promoted to the Coordinator role. Every day he embraces the culture of Providence and all of our core values. 

Congratulations to Marcos on a job well done! 

Austen Jones: November 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

To have a Will to Win means to be a self-starter with an unwavering drive who competes to achieve success.

Austen Jones won our 2021 November Wild Factor Award. He is dedicated to his job each day. As a member of the grading crew, he strives to grow. He started at the level of roller operator, off-road truck driver to smaller equipment, operated a rock hammer, is in the process of learning GPS and positioning himself for growth with a knowledge and understanding of large grading projects.

Learning and trying new things show off Austen’s unwavering drive. It is a consistent hustle and motivation in order to better himself and the company. With this drive, he has achieved success through the challenging year of 2021. 

Seen in Austen’s hard work is a hint of intentional adaptability. Not only did Austen embrace change but figured out ways to advance the team and company. His teamwork was outstanding! 

Congratulations to Austen Jones on receiving the 2021 November Wild Factor Award!

Chad Hollifield: October 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

Intentional adaptability means ​​consciously embracing change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility, to advance our people, products, and services. 

Chad Hollifield won our 2021 October Wild Factor award for intentional adaptability. At the beginning of his career here, he worked on the farm. By embracing change, he moved to operate multiple vehicles for the logistics team. 

With evolving roles, Chad is flexible and versatile, helping his teammates along the way. He knows how to advance in certain areas no matter the challenge or title. 

Congratulations to Chad on winning the October Wild Factor award! 

Paul Smart: March 2021 Wild Thing Award Winner

Paul Smart: March 2021 Wild Thing Award Winner

To have a Will to Win is to be a self starter with unwavering drive who competes to achieve success. It’s about that “it” factor; it’s being self motivated in a way that pushes your whole team to achieve success.

Paul Smart won our March 2021 Wild Thing award for having a Will to Win. He is a self-starter, always finding the next thing to do without being told. This drive and dedication is brought to the table every day.  

Paul adapted quickly to his new role as he continues to learn new skills. Patience while teaching new hires comes easy to Paul as he is a hard-working teammate. He executes each task efficiently and is not afraid to jump in and help out his teammates when needed. 

This excellent communicator accomplished many estimates with very few mistakes. He strives to be the best at his job and as a team player. 

He is an essential member to the Providence Construction team. Congratulations to Paul Smart, our March Wild Thing award winner! 

Intern to Full-Time: The Hobbs Brothers

Intern to Full-Time: The Hobbs Brothers

From interns to full time employees, Tucker and Carter Hobbs work hard each day out in the field. With a will-to-win and self-starter mindset, they stepped up to the plate and applied to work in the construction industry. 

Tucker Hobbs is a Field Engineer and Carter Hobbs is a Support Engineer, both for Providence Construction.  

“When I first started with Providence, they didn’t see me as a 19-year-old with little experience. Instead, I was given endless opportunities that challenged me and helped me to grow and learn” expressed Carter. Little self-doubt remained as his confidence grew stronger. 

With faith and determination, Carter and Tucker continued to enjoy the hard work that they faced each day. Because of the close relationships and hands-on experience, the brothers decided to stay on full-time with PC. 

While they are not always on the same job site, their relationship does not weaken. The bond between the brothers is constantly growing stronger and closer. They said it gives them “common ground” to connect with one another. 

Throughout their time here at PC, they give thanks to Nick Kerley and Mark Turner for impacting their construction career. Without their help, the brothers would not be as knowledgeable and determined.

For more stories like the Hobbs brothers, please visit the Providence Construction’s Career Page for more.

June Anniversaries

June Anniversaries

Here at RiverWild we love to celebrate employee anniversaries. Each one of these individuals contributes an immense amount of drive, knowledge, and innovation everyday. We are beyond grateful to have these hard-working people in our work family! Congratulations to the following employees that have been with the RiverWild team and family of brands for one year or more:

Courtney Ellis

RiverWild, 6 years

Kenneth Davis

Providence Construction, 3 years

Kenneth Phillips

Providence Construction, 3 years

William Barbosa

Providence Construction, 3 years

Didier Hernandes

Providence Construction, 3 years

Matthew Bunn

Providence Construction, 3 years

Bradley Burr

Providence Construction, 1 year

Michael Flecker

Providence Construction, 1 year

Jennifer Proper

Jaclyn Smith Properties, 2 years