Matt Schelm: March 2022 Wild Thing Award Winner

Matt Schelm: March 2022 Wild Thing Award Winner

Being intentionally adaptable means “consciously embracing change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility, to advance our people, products and services.

Throughout the tough time of building homes, Matt Schelm embraced change! He faced a lot of supply chain issues, labor shortages, crazy real estate markets and so much more. With all of these obstacles, Matt adapts each day through critical thinking and problem solving. 

These new situations do not interfere with Matt’s quality of work. His determination as a leader stays consistent and focused. 

Along the way, he helps advance others on his team and is a role model for all! Congratulations, Matt Schelm! 

RiverWild Celebrates Women in Construction Week

RiverWild Celebrates Women in Construction Week

Today RiverWild celebrated National Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day by honoring women who have recently been promoted within the RiverWild family of brands.

The five newly-promoted managers, Christine, Fayre, Megan, Brittany, and Danielle, all started with the company around the same time as coordinators. Each of the leaders has “earned her stripes” through hard work and dedication exhibiting RiverWilds core values: Will to Win, Intentional Adaptability, Living Compassionately, and Disciplined Execution.

Women in the construction field

“Jaclyn and I couldn’t be more proud of each of these women who are integral to our companies. There are not a lot of women in construction, and it’s even rarer to see them in leadership roles. We have some tenacious women working here who have earned every bit of this respect and appreciation.” – Reid Smith

Read more about the stories of RiverWild leaders here.

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