Have you been keeping up with RiverWild? If so, you probably have heard that 2022 is off to a wild start. From baby cows to leadership growth, we have been adapting to so many new and exciting changes. Let’s take a look!

In January RiverWild announced its newest brand, Wilders. With a will to win, our farm crew has worked long and hard hours to keep the operation going.

In February, we celebrated heart health month. We went all out on activities such as Wear Red Day and an employee heart health challenge!

The RiverWild family also grew! We welcomed new employees with open arms, ready to be impacted and developed. Some of our wild leaders also earned well-deserved promotions.

Speaking of leaders, we have been advocating for strong leadership and success for all employees. By embracing the changes of the upcoming months, we strive for long-term success, leadership, and healthy habits. 
For more updates on what is happening on the wild side of RiverWild, click here.

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