Disciplined Execution: we expect operational excellence through safety, accountability, and an efficient, fast-paced environment.

Trevor Viehweg won our July 2020 Wild Factor Award for having Disciplined Execution. 

He has really owned it in this area, especially at efficiency and fast pace, which takes intentionality and a sense of purpose about even the smallest tasks.

Trevor is a lead man on our grading crew. He has stepped up to start assuming supervisor duties on this crew for a few months now and is doing great work. 

In November, he and his crew managed an import of dirt into the Academy Point projects of over 34,000 cubic yards. This was done in 25 days, which was 6 days ahead of schedule! Talk about a Will to Win! Some days there were over 20 dump trucks coming in and out of the site. Trevor handled the flow with great care for safety and kept a fast paced cycle going. 

He has exemplified having a Will to Win with Disciplined Execution in a way that keeps others safe, keeps things moving, and propels PC forward. 

Congratulations, Trevor!

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