Live Compassionately: a humble and responsible approach to how we serve each other and our community. It is both internal and external. It’s how we treat each other, being fair and humble.

Tony Maxwell won our December 2020 Wild Factor Award for Living Compassionately.

He has excelled at serving his teammates with a heart of compassion. How we do what we do – how we treat people while we’re going about our work – is at the core of what makes this company different. 

In construction sometimes the experienced operator or pipe layer can get overlooked. At PC we embrace this veteran and really rely on their knowledge and experience to help train our other teammates. Tony has trained countless other pipe layers and helped tackle one of the toughest water tie’s on our Tractor Supply Site. Working alongside hwy 42, a busy highway, and against a tough terrain. 

Tony has always stepped up to the challenge of mentoring and training new teammates and has helped many of our coordinators get to where they are today. He lives compassionately for his teammates.

We are so grateful to have you on the team, Tony! Congratulations.

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