Cody Hairr: March 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

Cody Hairr: March 2021 Wild Factor Award Winner

To have a Will to Win is to be a self starter with unwavering drive who competes to achieve success. It’s about that “it” factor; it’s being self motivated in a way that pushes your whole team to achieve success.

Cody Hairr won our March 2021 Wild Factor award for having a Will to Win and unwavering drive. He does not have to be asked twice to start or complete a project and gets the job done well. Without Cody’s drive, our farm operations would lack the success it holds today. 

Cody is a humble team player and never boasts or complains about a task. He is a focused hard worker that strives to accomplish the task at hand. 

A Will to Win is seen when Cody rolls onto a new project, never stopping. A determined mindset drives Cody to get things done efficiently. His hard word never goes unnoticed, achieving so much success in a very short amount of time. With this being said, Cody is the first person to ever be promoted to coordinator in their first 90 days! 

Every accomplishment has helped earn him his stripes literally and figuratively. A huge congratulations to Cody Hairr on winning the March 2021 Wild Factor award and his promotion! 

Tony Maxwell: December 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Tony Maxwell: December 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Live Compassionately: a humble and responsible approach to how we serve each other and our community. It is both internal and external. It’s how we treat each other, being fair and humble.

Tony Maxwell won our December 2020 Wild Factor Award for Living Compassionately.

He has excelled at serving his teammates with a heart of compassion. How we do what we do – how we treat people while we’re going about our work – is at the core of what makes this company different. 

In construction sometimes the experienced operator or pipe layer can get overlooked. At PC we embrace this veteran and really rely on their knowledge and experience to help train our other teammates. Tony has trained countless other pipe layers and helped tackle one of the toughest water tie’s on our Tractor Supply Site. Working alongside hwy 42, a busy highway, and against a tough terrain. 

Tony has always stepped up to the challenge of mentoring and training new teammates and has helped many of our coordinators get to where they are today. He lives compassionately for his teammates.

We are so grateful to have you on the team, Tony! Congratulations.

Trevor Viehweg: November 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Trevor Viehweg: November 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Disciplined Execution: we expect operational excellence through safety, accountability, and an efficient, fast-paced environment.

Trevor Viehweg won our July 2020 Wild Factor Award for having Disciplined Execution. 

He has really owned it in this area, especially at efficiency and fast pace, which takes intentionality and a sense of purpose about even the smallest tasks.

Trevor is a lead man on our grading crew. He has stepped up to start assuming supervisor duties on this crew for a few months now and is doing great work. 

In November, he and his crew managed an import of dirt into the Academy Point projects of over 34,000 cubic yards. This was done in 25 days, which was 6 days ahead of schedule! Talk about a Will to Win! Some days there were over 20 dump trucks coming in and out of the site. Trevor handled the flow with great care for safety and kept a fast paced cycle going. 

He has exemplified having a Will to Win with Disciplined Execution in a way that keeps others safe, keeps things moving, and propels PC forward. 

Congratulations, Trevor!

Robert Brownfield: October 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Robert Brownfield: October 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Intentional Adaptability: consciously embrace change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility to advance our people, products, and services. 

Robert “Butch” Brownfield won our October 2020 Wild Factor Award for having Intentional Adaptability. He excels at being flexible and going with the flow to help our team continue driving forward despite whatever curve balls may come our way.

Every one of us does things that are not part of the job description. To be flexible is to have a mentality of availability, which Robert has gone above and beyond in. He drives our Flatbed Dump truck which can be one of the most demanding trucks in our fleet. Delivery erosion supplies to pipe materials. Everyone wants this “MVP”, all the time. He handles this with a great attitude and embraces the challenge of his hectic dispatch. 

Robert doesn’t shy away from getting out of his truck to work or help secure his load and always wants to lend a hand to whoever needs it. He is team player to the core and we love having him on our team. 

Well done, Robert!

Kenneth Phillips: September 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

Kenneth Phillips: September 2020 Wild Factor Award Winner

To have a Will to Win means to be a self-starter with an unwavering drive to compete and achieve success.

Kenneth Phillips won our September 2020 Wild Factor Award for having a Will to Win. He leads the way in achieving success and has moved us forward with his work ethic.

Kenneth came to us brand new to the construction industry starting on the roller. He quickly moved up to the 30 ton Articulated Off Road Dump Truck. He has shown great improvement in his position, always wanting to better tomorrow than his load counts today. 

In September he set a new PC record by getting 145 loads in one day on our Tractor Supply job site. That computes to moving over 4,350 cubic yards in a single day! 

Kenneth has helped train our new guys, always wanting to pass on his knowledge to the next man up. He is a great ambassador for our company and a consistent force on our grading crews. Congratulations on an award well-deserved, Kenneth!