RiverWild Selected as a Best Place to Work, Two Years in a Row

RiverWild Selected as a Best Place to Work, Two Years in a Row

The excitement of our WILD employees filled the kitchen once again this past week. Smiling ear to ear, everyone gathered together to celebrate our second win at the title for Best Places to Work! 

Our company is so proud of this achievement and we wanted to recognize not only the award, but how far our family of brands has evolved over the years. Founder and CEO, Reid Smith, shared a message recognizing and congratulating our team on their hard work and dedication. 

“If our mission statement is to impact and develop people, then this is something we’ve got to take pride in. To win and do something like this has more to do with you guys than it does anything else.” – Reid Smith

This award recognizes companies that received high marks in areas such as team effectiveness, trust with co-workers, manager effectiveness and work engagements. The winners were chosen based on an employee-survey process conducted by Quantum Workplace. Once nominated, a company had to meet a threshold in employee participation – a percentage that varies based upon the size of the company – to be eligible to be honored.  Companies receive this award because their organization

“As we say a lot, housing and construction is what we do, but it’s not why we do it” said Reid. “This is why we do it. It’s nice to be here and be able to celebrate it and see it come to fruition. This is why we’re here.” 

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