RiverWild is pleased to announce that on Monday, April 5, the Clayton Town Council reviewed and unanimously approved the Riverwood Golf Section Two development. The walkable community will consist of 726 residential units (432 single family lots, 74 townhome lots, and 220 apartments) and will include an amenity center and golf course maintenance facility.

This development will provide a variety of housing options that meet the needs of executive and local workforce in accordance with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The 300 acre site includes 81+ acres of open space, providing abundant recreational and lifestyle amenities throughout. 

“Having grown up in this community and now raising a family here, it is a true honor to create opportunities for people to call Clayton home. As Johnston County continues to grow, it’s critical that the workforce is supported by housing and lifestyle amenities that help them plant roots and continue to contribute to our thriving community” said Reid Smith, Founder and CEO of RiverWild

“This project will bring dynamic solutions to needs that our community has expressed. We worked hard to develop a plan that would provide a walkable community with a variety of housing options, lot sizes, and desirable amenities” said Dave DeYoung, Director of Development. “This community will offer opportunities for large and small families with various income levels and at different stages in life to call Clayton home.”

“As Johnston County continues to grow, so does the need for workforce housing. With companies like Grifols, Novo Nordisk, Caterpillar and others across the County announcing expansions and new investment, it is critical that all of our towns are able to secure diverse housing options that range from executive style homes to workforce housing” added Chris Johnson, Director of Johnston County Economic Development. “This is something that Johnston County lacked until recently. Residential development is one of Johnston County’s six cylinders of economic development. Communities with diverse amenities and recreational lifestyles that families are seeking across the Triangle region, will position those to meet the growth Johnston County is seeing and will continue to witness.” 

“We can’t wait to get started on this project. We’ve been working hard on this development for quite some time, collaborating with the local community and great partners to deliver a product that we believe will make a difference.” – Reid Smith, Founder and CEO of RiverWild

Riverwood Golf Section Two is set to begin construction in late 2021 or early 2022.

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