To have Disciplined Execution means achieving operational excellence through safety, accountability, and an efficient, fast-paced environment.

Matt Bunn won our October 2020 Wild Thing nomination for having Disciplined Execution. He has set the bar in many ways for getting the job done well, consistently, and fast-paced.

Matt helped pave out three times the number of projects we have ever done as a company this year. Most of which happened in the last quarter of the year. He and his team stepped up in a big way, helping us achieve success in unprecedented ways.
He also helped navigate tough schedules and the end of year push between third party clients and internal projects. He overcame those challenges with a can do attitude and smile on his face.

One of Matt’s greatest accomplishments was leading the Safest Crew of the year, with zero incidents! #SafelyCompete He has come a long way in his new profession, with very few failed proof rolls in the month of November.

He truly cares for his crew and the PC family. Congratulations to Matt Bunn, our November WildThing award winner!

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