To have Intentional Adaptability means consciously embracing change, through mutual flexibility, strategic innovation, and purpose-driven versatility to advance our people, products and services.

Mark Turner won our December 2020 Wild Thing nomination for having Intentional Adaptability. He is a living, breathing example of what it looks like to intentionally adapt for the betterment of our team. He get plugged into a lot of different roles and acts as a swiss army knife for various company needs. 

Mark works hard everyday and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Phrases you will often hear them say are, “it’s no big deal” or “we’re going to do what we need to do” – never seeking credit for the amount of work completed or time spent serving others. 

He has been essential in facilitating operational excellence for all of our companies. He also ensures that, no matter where his team is located, equipment quickly and efficiently gets moved to where they need it so our crew can keep moving projects forward.

When Mark says he is going to do something, the job gets done. He consistently communicates with his team on hold ups during projects but also adapts and develops a new plan to keep things moving along as quickly as possible!

Congratulations, Mark Turner, on winning our December Wild Thing Award – a recognition well-deserved!

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