From interns to full time employees, Tucker and Carter Hobbs work hard each day out in the field. With a will-to-win and self-starter mindset, they stepped up to the plate and applied to work in the construction industry. 

Tucker Hobbs is a Field Engineer and Carter Hobbs is a Support Engineer, both for Providence Construction.  

“When I first started with Providence, they didn’t see me as a 19-year-old with little experience. Instead, I was given endless opportunities that challenged me and helped me to grow and learn” expressed Carter. Little self-doubt remained as his confidence grew stronger. 

With faith and determination, Carter and Tucker continued to enjoy the hard work that they faced each day. Because of the close relationships and hands-on experience, the brothers decided to stay on full-time with PC. 

While they are not always on the same job site, their relationship does not weaken. The bond between the brothers is constantly growing stronger and closer. They said it gives them “common ground” to connect with one another. 

Throughout their time here at PC, they give thanks to Nick Kerley and Mark Turner for impacting their construction career. Without their help, the brothers would not be as knowledgeable and determined.

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